John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach

John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach

As a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach and Business Growth Consultant, I'll bring a unique perspective to you and your leadership team. I'll help make the necessary business improvements by way of management training, building better processes, and implementing proven practices that will bring lasting impact as people embrace new leadership principles. This means that in directing your leadership team through personal growth, they'll in turn help grow others.

Through the leadership principles and practices I'll implement, you and your team will work to set a new journey for growth. And as a leadership coach, I'll identify current needs and develop all the methods necessary for improvement. You can expect that in working together, we'll raise the “Leadership Lid” of your organization.

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John Maxwell Certified Team Trainer, Bert Floyd

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Certified Maxwell Team Trainer & Coach

I bring leadership principals not only into the lives of business owners, but to their executive staff, and other team members as well. This foundational guidance is very important as it impacts the lives of everyone involved - today & into the future of your company.

10 Disciplines of Management

I'll help you and your leadership team develop the “core competencies” of management individuals, practicing the “10-disciplines” of management, with the implementation of the vision, and mission leads to success in business growth.

Business Processes, Procedures & Practices

Execution requires designing and teaching of appropriate business practices. Creating organizational “dashboards”, managerial accounting systems, and successful sales management systems are standard a standard of mine.

Ready to walk the journey together?  I'd love to hear your story.

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