Creating Business Systems

Creating Business Systems – Basic Foundational Fundamentals for Family-Operated Businesses

The move from looking successful to true success does not just happen, it must be well planned.

After planning comes the hard work, and then action.  Your team must be directed to implement the plan and be held accountable for results.

As a business growth consultant, I have found the shortest path to success is using a “systematic” approach to the problem of growth. Creating a system of “Business Building Blocks” will lay both a foundation and a structure that will keep your plan simple and coordinated. This does not mean easy--after all, work is work and work is hard. But a system of “Business Building Blocks” will keep you focused. It will also keep your team focused.

In my ebook, Fundamental Business Building Blocks we look at 13 “Business Systems” which successful organizations develop as their businesses grow to maturity.  In fact, these “Business Systems” foster business growth. Some are marketplace focused; others are management focused; while others point to leadership. All of them are needed for a balanced and growing organization. It should be the directive of the business owner to develop these “Business Building Blocks” into a successful business. All of these systems, “Business Building Blocks”, work together as they are interdependent to achieve success.

As the structure is built, it becomes evident how these business systems interlock with each other. Through this interlocking, synergy is created. As you read on, you will gain an understanding of the importance of the “Business Building Blocks”, because, without them, you will have a weak structure.

Tier One - Basic Foundational Fundamentals

For discussion, the “Business Systems” are divided into two groups, those which are basic and foundational in nature.

  1. Foundational Fundamentals
  2. Structural Fundamentals

Of the 13 Business Systems, the first five are so core to the organization that other Business Building Blocks will not work correctly without this solid foundation. The second group of eight, built on the foundational blocks, bring the business to life.  Both types of “Business Building Blocks” are needed.

Here a list of five “Tier-One-Fundamentals” that create the platform (foundation) for the rest of the structural “Business Building Blocks”.  Without these five business systems, the organization will only operate as a “Mom-and-Pop” business, with limited growth possibilities.

  1. Leadership Growth Plan. Are company owners & key people following a written personal growth plan?
  2. Clarity of Vision & Mission.  Can anyone in the company share the vision within 30-seconds?
  3. High-Performance Recruiting. Do we continue using our process to bring in high powered people?
  4. Unique Identifiable Brand. Does our “brand” identify our differences and value to the marketplace?
  5. Managerial Accounting. Does system provide management with needed metrics to attain goals?

At this foundational level, the leadership defines what the company is about, answering the question, “Why do we exist?” this answer, in turn, sets the course for the type of people you hire, your identity in the marketplace and your behavior.  With clarity, you state how the business will be governed and your intentions with profitability and return on equity. And as leaders, you decide on a path to growth for both yourself and your company.

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Five Stages of Business Growth will teach you about behaviors, constraints and even the transition steps one takes in growth and more.

Fundamental Business Building Blocks will guide you, step by step, through the next "best" moves for your family-owned business.

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