What I Make

What I Make

As humans, we were designed for both relationships and to make things. The carpenter builds a house, the line worker a widget, and the doctor a medical service.  

I make things. I make businesses make money. I design processes to make businesses run better. I teach managers new skills, and I make the path clear for improving leadership.

In a consultants voice:

"I create business and life value by enhancing business processes and bringing managing principles in line with vision/mission of leadership"

That’s business talk for the things I make.

What I Make and Who I Make It For

I’m proud of the things I make. I want those things I make to be not only useful but impactful. I want to know that the things I make have lasting value and make lives better.

Like a doctor who is a specialist, I make things specifically for my client. My clients are predominantly 2nd and 3rd generation family-run businesses.

These are businesses where the transition from ‘tribal knowledge’ to ‘professional management’ is needed to succeed in today’s marketplace. These are new owners who invest in themselves, improve their leadership abilities, and make an impact for the future.

That’s what I make, and who I make it for.

What companies say about my business growth consulting services.

How I Make Those Things Is Also Important

I believe details matter and that even today “craftsmanship” counts. Understanding a client’s needs, creating solutions with simplicity and uniqueness is how I deliver my craftsmanship.

There are many on-line definitions for ‘consulting’. I prefer this one:

“Working with clients, making the things which grow businesses and impact lives

If the things I make and the way I make them fit your needs; if you are my type of client with a desire to grow; if you are ready for a journey together, let’s talk!

Ready to walk the journey together?  I'd love to hear your story.

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