Who I Am

Business Growth Consultant

As a business growth consultant, I have learned to identify constraints that can hold your business back from their full potential.

I work with key executives by using a team approach to help identify their constraints.  As a result, I develop solutions to achieve predictable results.

With my travels coast to coast, I’ve had the privilege of not only seeing our great nation but helping different types of businesses in their natural environments.

And during these engagements (normally lasting four to eight weeks) the focus has always been on ROI, ensuring a positive “bottom-line” impact.

Working with family-owned businesses is my forte

I'll help you and your team prepare for the move to a professionally managed company. I will also help you understand how leadership principals, vision, and mission undergird this move is paramount.

As an experienced business growth consultant, I'll help drive the focus by addressing three areas of importance:

  1. Leadership: As a [Certified Maxwell Team] Trainer, I bring leadership principals into the lives of business owners, their executive staff, and others. This foundational guidance is important as it impacts the lives of everyone involved.
  2. Management: Developing the "core competencies" of management individuals, practicing the "10-disciplines" of management, with an implementation of vision /mission leads to success in business growth.
  3. Business processes/procedures and practices: Execution requires designing /teaching of appropriate business practices. Creating predictable "dashboards", managerial accounting systems and sales management systems are considered normal in a typical consulting project.

Our engagement will be intense, focused and demand the best from everyone

Successful projects require moving from strategy to execution to implementation.  Therefore this calls for open minds and consistency of effort.

So if you have that “deep-down desire to grow and are ready for the journey together, let's talk!

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