What Is a Business Consultant?

Should I Hire A Business Consultant, An Emotional Decision

Should I hire a business consultant and Who should that consultant be are not easily decided questions. Both decisions are as much emotionally based as fact driven. While the factual questions, the Who, Why, and When are relatively easy to determine, the emotional part of the decision, is, well, emotional. If you are finding yourself wrestling with the emotional aspects of whether or not to engage a business consultant, rest assured, you are not alone.

Three common questions to ask if you should hire a business growth consultant. These are the top questions my clients shared with me.

1 - Is This a Decision I am Capable of Making?

If you are the business owner, CEO, the ‘power person’, know that as the person with ‘positional responsibility’, this is your decision to make.  However, you may be operating in crisis mode, battling headwinds and barely staying afloat.  You may feel that many of your past decisions were not necessarily good ones, and with these feelings, you want assurance that you won’t make a mistake.  This is a very common and understandable feeling.

Three components are involved in making this decision.  First, make an honest assessment of your situation and the circumstances which brought you here.  Second, have an open and honest but confidential discussion with some friends about your situation and the decision you are facing.  Third, have a discussion with potential consultants to determine if they understand your situation and possess the skills and experience to help you.

2 - Should I be making the decision now?

If your business is struggling with generating sales or its bottom line performance, know that sooner is better than later. Simply put, with time, your cash flow, business performance, and management issues will only worsen.

3) What will people think of my leadership abilities if I retain a consultant?

What will people think is one of the most emotional decision components for clients. Here is what I have been told. People who know you already know that your business is challenged and in need of help. Over the years, I have heard my clients’ friends compliment them on making the decision to finally get help to improve their situations.

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