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What Is a Business Consultant and How To Choose A Good One

A knowledgeable business growth consultant, well-versed in current business issues, become part of the team, guiding a business to prosperity.

Most businesses will seek advice for relief from specific recurring issues; relief from financial constraints; or growth through business stages.

These problems surface during both times of economic hardships and growth.

A knowledgeable consultant has fought these battles with a winning record of accomplishment.

Top characteristics that make up a great consultant.

Has Walked the Walk:

When your business growth consultant walks into the door, he/she should walk in with knowledge of past business ownership. His / Her resume’ experience should speak of business turn-a-rounds, innovation, and relieving business constraints. This should be backed by experience growing a business through the five stages of business development.

Understands Leadership with Management Teams:

Successful business growth consultants understand the foundation of selecting the best people and leading them forward with a vision to the future. Understanding and implementing recruiting processes, which produce results, build this foundation. Bringing clarity of vision to the management team, articulating that vision, and selecting talented people to lead to business success. Good consulting brings both into focus.

Has Experience in Sales, Operations, and Finance in Diverse Settings:

The ability to develop sales processes and create sales management procedures is crucial in today’s economy. Understanding operations in retail, factory, service, and construction industries allows adaptation of business processes to unique situations. In addition, a necessary requirement is a thorough understanding of finance and the impact which management behavior influences those numbers.

Is Intellectually Curious:

People who have the “talent” for consulting are really teachers at heart. Moreover, those who can be taught, teach best. The most successful consultants have a passion for learning, and they apply that passion in knowing their clients business, products, services, and the unique business challenges the client's faces. Consultants with a “trainable spirit” are the ones who are up to date on consulting trends, and it shows.

Has the Ability to Implement Improvements for Results:

Implementing changes that deliver improvement to the business, is the most difficult aspect of consulting. The ability to develop and successfully implement new processes is where real impact to the organization begins.

Facilitates Discussion & Engagement:

Learning and change are most effective when the client is engaged in the process. Successful consulting engagements focus attention on both teaching and changing the behavior of the client and the staff. Nothing can be done in a vacuum, and a well-run engagement engages all key players.

Effective Communication:

Consulting projects condense a large amount of information into a short period of time. A good business consultant has mastered the ability to communicate complex ideas into easy-to-absorb concepts, which resonates with key players. A great message is of little value until it has been effectively communicated.

The Business Growth Consultant Is Altruistic:

The best business growth consultants have a genuine interest in the success of their clients. One of the business growth consultant’s traits is that they are motivated by giving back and get deep satisfaction in seeing a client do well, as their business prospers. This type of consultant enjoys hearing the success stories of past projects and remains concerned with their client’s progress after the engagement is over.

Five Stages of Business Growth will teach you about behaviors, constraints and even the transition steps one takes in growth and more.

Fundamental Business Building Blocks will guide you, step by step, through the next "best" moves for your family-owned business.

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